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Be careful what you share

There is a lot of false content circulating, if you share such material, you contribute to the spread of disinformation that can mislead your followers, and can even be harmful for them.

Take a few minutes to analyse content before posting anything or engaging in subjects you are unsure about.

Before sharing

Check the source of the content. Does it come from a reliable source, do you know who produced it?

Don’t share information that comes from an anonymous source, find out first if someone else has published on the topic.

When it comes to images you can do an image to see if it matches, many times the photos that circulate are taken out of context or adulterated.

In the case of videos, examine it in detail, see if there are other recordings of the same time or if it was reported by others. There are many out-of-context videos that can generate panic or outrage with false information.

When producing content

Thoroughly revise all of the material you plan to include, the source of the information and how you know it is true.

If you make categorical statements, such as “if you do this, this will happen,” make sure that it is backed up by a reliable source. If you doubt something, it’s best not to stay away from such statements or anything on that particular topic.

If you include statements made by someone else, make sure it is from a reliable source. There are many pseudo-specialists who can generate misinformation. Take a moment to check if it is someone who has credentials to speak on the subject.

Commenting on fake content

Don’t take onboard false content that has very little circulation, even if you clarify that it is false, by sharing it you are giving it more reach.

Make it clear that it is false (avoid the tempting of clickbait). Don’t use questions or other forms that can be confusing, make it clear from the beginning that it is false.

Explain why we are talking about something that is false. Many times those who did not see the false information, do not understand why the content is given so much importance.

Do not make visible, or team up with producers of false content.

Publishing false content by mistake

We can make mistakes. Delete the content and clarify that it was deleted because it was false.

It is not enough to upload a similar content explaining that something is false (because the previous piece could go more viral).

In any case

Avoid sensationalist language that can increase fear.

Avoid images that feed into stereotypes or may cause more panic.

Avoid speculating about worst-case scenarios.

Direct the audience to official sources of information.