DEBUNKED: The 10 most common concerns and mis/disinformation claims linked to COVID-19 vaccines

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Vaccine disinformation resource center, PortalCheck TV and podcast

Watch the presentation of the Vaccine Resource Center, the PortalCheck TV series and podcast, and a panel discussion on best practices and challenges of combating COVID-19 disinformation, alongside diverse actors in this process, including digital influencers, journalists and fact-checking organizations. We will also address the importance of leaving no one behind, and how to strengthen access to information in indigenous populations.


  • Aldo Bartra
  • Gianella Tapullima
  • Dr. Rawdy Reales

PortalCheck TV: the complete series

Interviews and discussions with experts from Latin America and the Caribbean, duration 8 – 12 minutes each

Infodemic: The series

Informative videos, duration: 1-2 minutes each


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