Promoting critical thinking

in Latin America and the Caribbean

PortalCheck is an online initiative that offers valuable resources and tools on how to combat COVID-19 mis/disinformation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The platform (regional hub) consists of compiled notes and resources for distinct audiences created by expert fact-checkers from throughout the region. This joint project is implemented by UNESCO, in partnership with ChequeadoLatamChequea, and funded by the European Union

The platform offers verified information and resources, in various formats, such as tips and tools for journalists to help them check the authenticity of some of the most circulated COVID-19 mis/disinformation. It also offers recommendations of useful exercises that can be used by teachers in classrooms and podcasts and articles for the general public.

PortalCheck also offers recommendations for governments and institutions, as well includes a special section for influencers and content creators, supporting them not to unwittingly spread mis/disinformation.