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The entire world is facing an unprecedented challenge from the growing COVID-19 pandemic, affecting communities and economies everywhere. Society has mobilized to combat the pandemic by promoting the union of governments, organizations from different industries and sectors, as well as individuals, to help respond to this global outbreak. The many expressions of solidarity and support stimulated by this common problem have been extraordinary.
The World Health Organization (WHO) leads and coordinates global efforts, supporting countries to prevent and detect cases and respond to the pandemic.

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The push for a COVID-19 vaccine

Multilingual resources available.

COVAX: Working for global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines

Multilingual resources available.

COVID-19 vaccine country readiness and delivery

Tools, resources and relevant information.

UNESCO – WHO Audio Messages against COVID-19

UNESCO and WHO have joined forces to overcome at a local level the challenges face by media professionals to provide reliable health information and deconstruct myth on COVID-19 and related vaccines.


Vaccine safety

COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccine research and development

COVID-19 vaccine access and allocation

How do vaccines work

How are vaccines developed

Vaccines explainers social media assets (including editable art files)

Let’s flatten the infodemic curve

Let’s flatten the infodemic curve social media resources

Science in 5

When can we expect a vaccine for COVID-19? How will we ensure that it is safe?