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How to reveal fake content


Explain when something is false in the title and do not resort to titles with questions or other ways that may be vague, taking into account that the reader may not read the entire piece.

Make it clear which part is correct and explain how to draw that conclusion. This helps to make the content more compelling and also helps to share useful best practices for detecting false information.

To help persuade those who believed it from various angles and to make the verification as solid as possible, submit all available facts. Do it empathically, don't taunt or insult others who have believed the falsehood.

Explain why something was verified, for instance, showing it has gone viral. It is possible that disinformation only circulates in certain communities and therefore, some of the viewers may not have been exposed to it and it helps the viewer to understand the reasons why it was checked.

Include watermarks on images or photos so that it cannot be used to continue spreading disinformation.

Don't connect directly to sites that contain disinformation in order not to steer the user to unreliable websites.